Club X-Cel
Thank you all for your continued support! is a wonderful company that gives immediate results. This isn't a one way business. The work between my company and has been completely phenomenal. They not only work efficiently, but diligently. Thank you for showing my business amazing customer support!

Thank you,

Christopher M. Steele, General Manager !

Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill
My name is Schiller Martin and I am the owner of Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill, a well established Mexican restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for over 15 years. In the past couple of years I have been venturing out into many advertising pools and in the process I came across YAC or YourAreaCode. Since signing on with them a little over a month ago, I have experienced tremendous results. With only just under 200 mobile numbers, I am getting about a 10% return (15 - 20 tables) per text! I have now just recently moved my website and email list over to YAC and in so doing I am already seeing great results. My text messages or VIP's automatically are sent to my over 5000 current in house email subscribers making everybody feel special. Needless to say my last text was a landslide going out to my 200 mobile phones and 5000+ email addresses.

Turtle's Bar and Grill is AWESOME! Thanks for your prompt attention. It really means a lot. I am a happy YAC customer and recommend your company to my peers all the time. It really works for us.



Solstice Restaurant and Lounge
We have been using YourAreaCode for awhile now and have thoroughly been pleased with the service that it provides our restaurant. We recently hired a new marketing and PR manager. YAC set up a webinar and was able to teach our new manager in approximately an hour to utilize all of services. Our manager even sent out an email blast that night! Here at Solstice we love nothing more than to send out a text or email and have our customer's tell us the sole purpose they came in was because of that message. It is very clear to us that Your Area Code's services are worth every penny! Thank you so much for your hands on approach and the continued high emphasis on great customer service.

Gary Klinefelter

FREEZIAC has been a very important part of Freeziac's marketing strategy. We are excited about being able to "talk" to our best customers four times a week. It's fun to watch the graph of our contacts grow each week. Our guests enjoy being "in the know" about our specials. will continue to be part of our plans going forward.

John Mallon



Palm Beach Golf Center
I think it is imperative in todays high tech retail world that a business to survive and thrive must employ the latest marketing tools. Sometime the biggest hurdle a small business owner must overcome is knowing who to work with and who to trust when dealing with all the newest marketing tools that are available. Everyday my senses are overloaded with emails, flyers, telephone calls, cold calls, etc from sales/marketing people who want to "take me to the next level". has done that for us with great support and an easy to use text system that works.

Larry Sugarman

Callahans Bar and Grill
Just wanted to drop a line to everyone at and let them know how happy I am with the program. has made my life so much easier now that I have a simple and effective way to harness all the different social media. I'm not a big tech geek and don't have a lot of time to figure out how to get my message out. The dashboard is easy to figure out, and I like being able to update our Website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts with the press of a button. We have more than 500 followers in our Callahans data base and its still growing!!
When I do have questions or problems the tech support is first class.

Thanks again,

Barry Zillner

Giovanni's Coal Fire Pizza
The system is easy to use - just as you promised me it would be. I create all the emails and text messages myself and I control their distribution. Your reporting is fantastic. Your website walks me through all aspects of the process.I saved the best for last! The technical support is incredible. I have always received an answer within minutes and that is true even in the off-hours and on weekends. I cannot say enough positive facts about this relationship. The entire experience is one of the best I have ever had and WORKS!

Ted Sabarese

The Grotto Restaurant
We have been dealing with for about a year now and I can say that it has been a wonderful experience! From our wonderful and knowledgeable sales person to the amazing customer support, they have been an absolute joy to work with. In this day and age, everyone promises you the moon, but they come up short, and they never follow through, but I can say that Your Area Code does exactly what they say will do, by helping you grow your business and treat you with respect every step of the way.

Crust Restaurant offer of "one stop shopping" has internalized all of our web and marketing streams so that we can access everything from within our homepage. These include a new email campaign, text message marketing as well as links directing our clientele directly to our Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Foursquare! Our most recent addition of selling our gift cards directly on our main page will solidify that we have total faith in YAC to help us grow! Thank you for your continued support!

Ryan Mitchell
Partner CRUST Restaurants

Redz Bar & Grill
I love everything about it; the text marketing, being able to get in touch with my guests who may not have planned on coming in for dinner but receive my text and come in anyways (it happens all the time and they love to tell my staff how important they feel) as well as the beautiful email campaigns that allow me to show my guests our live music schedule, weekly specials and holiday party information. Anytime I need assistance your Client Services team is right on top of it. Customer service is essential in this business and I get nothing short of excellence from your staff. I am approaching my 1 year Anniversary here at Redz Bar and Grill. After reviewing my sales before and after signing up with YourAreaCode I see a phenomenal improvement.

Amy Giacomelli, General Manager
Philly Pub n' Grub
The best way to sum up my experience with is LIFE SAVER!! There is so much to manage when you dive into the world of social media and email marketing. To have one control panel where we can blanket our information to all of our platforms is nothing short of a miracle. No more post-it note reminders to put information up. No more forgetting to market a special event or special lunch menu. It’s all in one place. What used to take up a big chunk of our morning can now be done literally 2 or 3 clicks of the mouse. The most impressive part is the tech support. We send a text, write an email, or call and our questions are handled promptly. We HIGHLY recommend this service for any business looking to expand their customer base or to stay in touch with their current client list.

Colleen Joy